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AC/DC - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap 

       E     G  E     A  E     D5  A
 d-----2---- 5--2-----2--2---------2-----------I
 this is the intro it goes E--GE--AE--DA then the verses goes:
      A  A   B
 the sss is a slide so go A-AsB  Finally here is the chorus:
     A       A   ?   A
  Dirty    Done Dirt Cheap  Dirty Done Dirt
   Deeds                    Deeds
 The words came out quite messy, but the A is played with Dirty Deeds, The A is
  played with Done, The ? is played with Dirt, and the A is played with Cheap.
 The same is done for the second half.
 I don`t have the solo but The one-handed part is pull-offs done on the high e
 string.  It`s:
 e----10p9p7p0-----10p9p7p0-----10p9p7p0-----   and it continues.  He may keep
 spacing and move to 8p7p5p0 or something similar.  If you are slow enough at it
 like I am, it sounds like his solo to Let There Be Rock in the Live versions or as seen in concert.  Anyway, I hope this has helped. Sorry about all the other
 shit I accidentally sent. Enjoy!
                 DIRTY DEEDS DONE DIRT CHEAP  -  by AC/DC
 tabbed by Ivo (
 There`s a good transcription of this tune at Nevada. Anyway, I felt I should
 add this nice solo, because I think every AC/DC fan who plays guitar should
 learn this one. I think the version below is pretty accurate.
 b   - bend the note a half tone
 B   - bend the note a full tone
 ~~~ - vibrato Angus style
 >   - the notes over this symbol should be played with an accent
 |   - stands only for part of a music (as far as I identify by listening).
       Don`t take them as any rhythmic division.
                      >            >      >            >           >
 e----------This  part  is  actually  played--|
 B---------------|--here the fun begins------|
 D---------9(B)--|--The pattern is just a----|
 G|--9--7-----9--9--9--------|--pull offs sequence-------|
 To save space I`m just indicating the finger patterns. They are all pull
 offs. Keep it flowing throughout.
 D|---Repeat each pattern 8 times-------|-From here to the end of the---|
 G--------------------------|-sequence repeat 4 times each--|

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